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On traveling alone

Well, I decided to go ahead with it!  Me. In Colombia from July 31 to August 9.  I’ve never been to South America before. I was invited to a conference in Cali, Colombia, but I had to buy the airfare … Continue reading

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Mums the word

I love to tell a good story.  I sometimes feel like my life is just a collection of stories.  I attract eccentric people, and I love hearing people’s life path.  Hence, the attempt at the Portraits here on this blog. … Continue reading

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Sex. I don’t think the feminist movement that brought our society to this place really gave sex much thought at all.  It was “do it if you feel like it” – which completely fails to address the emotional side of … Continue reading

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wherefore art thou… Romeo?

A plan is just a list of things that might happen. So where does the story go from here? First off, my manifesto is not preventing me from continuing to date  boys.  While I do sort of feel like Rocky … Continue reading

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Scientific dating

Two recent suitors have prompted me to examine some of the complexities of dating within science. Let me first put out this little fact:  Of all of the female professors I know right now, each one of them has a … Continue reading

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what if your life didn’t go according to the “plan”?

The “plan” is that you go to college, find a job, find a boyfriend, get married, and have kids.  That is the plan.  My life is not going according to plan, and I remind myself 20 times a day that … Continue reading

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over and under

I ended up in a generational divide-style dating conundrum this weekend.  On the one hand, I was being asked out by a 45-year old with a kid (The Lawyer), who I have to say isn’t really finding a way to … Continue reading

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growing up from Girls

And that’s the thing – I never knew growing up would be so hard.  I expected to get married, find a job and buy a house.  -Mr. FEMA, 30 It’s rare to hear these sentiments from a guy – probably … Continue reading

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you don’t know you’re beautiful

I had a little girls night out last night.  I would never voluntarily watch ‘The Bachelor’, but I like to hang out with these smart funny women sometimes, and they lean slightly more sorority girl than myself.  They also cook … Continue reading

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