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Time passes.. things stay status quo

I thought to give up blogging, but I miss it!  The basic update:  I am very single, with all manner of men hovering like mosquitoes or hummingbirds, depending on the moment.  No sex, though – unless you count some pretty … Continue reading

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well, dear readers, i seem to be in something of a relationship.  and he doesn’t even have a name on this blog.  I’ll call him Kirios. Kirios is eccentric and adventurous and well educated and the right age (35).  He … Continue reading

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emotional armor

When do you cut ties and break away?  How much emotional armor do you need to be friends with your past lover? Mr. Faraway and I have been off since right before Christmas.  Over the last month, we’ve inched closer, … Continue reading

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Around the corner

Okay.  The lapse in posting was due to a quick cycle of grief management – denial, sadness (utter crazy sadness), anger (like a lot) and gentle acceptance.  Mr. Faraway has gone more faraway, that’s a fact.  He is in France. … Continue reading

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Raining cats and dogs – and men from Mars

Oh my.  This weekend I had 5 different guys make some sort of move on me.  None of them were Mr. Faraway.  Mr. Faraway fell deep into his cave.  At least this is what Men are from Mars and Women … Continue reading

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