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On traveling alone

Well, I decided to go ahead with it!  Me. In Colombia from July 31 to August 9.  I’ve never been to South America before. I was invited to a conference in Cali, Colombia, but I had to buy the airfare … Continue reading

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Sex. I don’t think the feminist movement that brought our society to this place really gave sex much thought at all.  It was “do it if you feel like it” – which completely fails to address the emotional side of … Continue reading

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On who is cooking dinner

“After Dad died, we worried that Mom would just survive on jello and cottage cheese, since he had done all the cooking.”  -Jane Ginsburg In the New Yorker article, Ruth Ginsburg, 80, Supreme Court Justice of the US, says, “It … Continue reading

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Be thirsty heart

Today’s mantra.  All of this longing and storminess clearly has a purpose. Be thirsty heart, seek forever without a rest. Let this soundless longing hidden deep inside you be the source of every word you say. -Rumi I find it … Continue reading

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On child support and healthcare

In a discussion this weekend with a group of peers, the topic of child support and alimony came up.  One of the girls was Dutch, and clearly had a different perspective to offer.  Apparently, in Holland, the father can choose … Continue reading

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