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Parenting solo in the news An Associated Press-WE tv poll of people under 50 found that more than 2 in 5 unmarried women without children — or 42 percent — would consider having a child on their own without a partner, including more than … Continue reading

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Time passes.. things stay status quo

I thought to give up blogging, but I miss it!  The basic update:  I am very single, with all manner of men hovering like mosquitoes or hummingbirds, depending on the moment.  No sex, though – unless you count some pretty … Continue reading

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Scientific dating

Two recent suitors have prompted me to examine some of the complexities of dating within science. Let me first put out this little fact:  Of all of the female professors I know right now, each one of them has a … Continue reading

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On who is cooking dinner

“After Dad died, we worried that Mom would just survive on jello and cottage cheese, since he had done all the cooking.”  -Jane Ginsburg In the New Yorker article, Ruth Ginsburg, 80, Supreme Court Justice of the US, says, “It … Continue reading

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New babies

It’s been one of those weeks again, mysteriously tied to the moon cycle, where I look longingly at babies and children.  It is exhausting trying to make a decision on a life course that feels out of control. Last week … Continue reading

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the stages of the career woman

it seems like every girl of this generation must go through a three step process when thinking about their career. First. The encouragement stage:  In this stage the young girl is encouraged to apply to college, to travel, to be … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Woman: My mother

The thing is – the older I get, the younger my mother looks.  Not in the physical way, but in the life experience way.  My entire vision of my mother is a reflection of her grief at an age that … Continue reading

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emotional intermission

My body’s clock has not stopped ticking, but I have resolved to “stop the clock” for a little while.  Things haven’t worked so great up until now, so in the long run it will likely not matter so much if … Continue reading

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Having it all”—being the perfect homemaker and employee—makes it hard to find time for intimacy, stresses both parents out, and generally puts an enormous strain on a marriage, and indeed the study’s closing finding is that couples in which a … Continue reading

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un-happiness In the United States and elsewhere, women say there is a gender gap that goes beyond differences in pay between men and women – there’s also a gap between women’s progress and their own hopes and expectations…. The new survey, … Continue reading

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