30-something.  Dating adventures and mysteries.  Relationship sadness and happiness.  Long distance relationships. Grieving the lack of a child, a partner. Single life.  Female science PhD student. The teachings and philosophy of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.   Lovely Hawaii nei.  My Hawaiian ohana.


What do you do in life if you don’t have a family? How do you balance career and relationships and dating and friendship -and how does being a woman play into that?  What does it mean to live life to the fullest if you are single, without children?  If you never wanted marriage, why do you want it now? What to do with the next 20 years?

Here is my first post – Introduction, where I set out my goals;   and my Plan B: A Manifesto, formed through writing on this site.

Some of the most read:

Ordinariness,   sad lonely damaged people,  Step Girlfriend in a Beautiful World,   Letting it all out, Portrait of a Woman: The Francophile

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