Loneliness, take 2

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar took an uncertain evening and made it magical with this wisdom post:

If you think nobody loves you, know for sure that you are loved. The earth loves you; that’s why it is holding you upright. The love of the earth is its gravitational force. The air loves you; that’s why it moves through your lungs even when you are sleeping. The Divine loves you very dearly, deeply. Once you realize this, you will never feel lonely.

Someone’s company cannot fill your loneliness. Even if it does, it is very short-lived. You can still feel lonely in spite of being in company. In a real sense, loneliness can only be filled by being alone. If you could be comfortable being alone for some time, then you will not feel lonely. When you don’t feel lonely, you can spread joy to people around you.

An old Nepaali friend contacted me tonight – we hadn’t spoken in years.  And he said, “I do not know about other friends but you were real learner of life”.  That is the impression I made, all those years ago.  He is married – a love-marriage – but very unhappy. Lonely, he says.  Someday oneday I will write his portrait.

The image I have of people in general is marbles – you can crash into one another, but very rarely can you merge or break the outer shell.  Perhaps for a few minutes of spark, but this journey seems to be one that you have to go alone.

Side Note:  You can visit Loneliness Part I here: http://www.stephenfry.com/2013/06/24/only-the-lonely/  But it really is much more lonely.


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thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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