I am working toward a time when everything gives me joy. Invite joy, anticipate joy, plan for joy, delight in joy. Try to find joy, whatever the situation. ~Maya Angelou~

Mr. Faraway and I still ‘talk’ every day, in some form.  I know now why things have been especially hard.  He has been marginally employed, having finished his PhD, since last August.  He has been living with a friend.  I recently discovered, though, that his support network is dwindling.  His sister (with his niece) and best friend and family (with his daughter’s best friend)  are both leaving town for faraway places.   Only his daughter remains in the city where he lives.  He is 5000 miles from where I can help.

Regardless of our relationship, I really hope that he can find a stable job and a way to be with his daughter.  He already is full of joy, even in such hard times – and I pray that joy stays with him.


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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