Annals of dating: The Barefoot walker

In all fairness, I didn’t actually meet this one.  We scheduled a beach-walk sort of date, but I wasn’t feeling it after the phone conversation.

There is always so much hope when it is still on paper.  In email, we immediately connected – so much so that I didn’t want to talk about it here.  We follow the same spiritual practice, are the right age, spent time in same developing country, and went to similar colleges.  This is a quasi-miracle in Hawaii.

Everything was just fine until the exchange of numbers, at which point we just couldn’t get it together.  I made the first call, and left a message, which he took a long time to respond to – and did with a email that said “You sounded tired”.   Not a great start.  When he left a message, his voice was squeaky and he sounded distracted.

Finally, a connection.  But the line was literally static-y, and we just couldn’t keep it together.  He had to call me back many times because of the lack of service in his apartment.

In this short digital relationship, he must have mentioned five times how his favorite activity is barefoot walking.  (See this article.. ) We are electric beings!  In this case… with no spark.


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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One Response to Annals of dating: The Barefoot walker

  1. reocochran says:

    I have had a similar experience, where I have met, gotten to know and even had one positive date. (Steve met at a meet up.) I write about my continual quest to find someone to spend my life with. Strange how many people I communicate with who have the similar goal but haven’t been able to connect.

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