In the United States and elsewhere, women say there is a gender gap that goes beyond differences in pay between men and women – there’s also a gap between women’s progress and their own hopes and expectations…. The new survey, conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, finds that many females globally say they are overworked, overextended – and desperate for more time to manage their lives.

It seems that the movement to bring women into the workforce has had effects that were not necessarily intended by those women who really wanted to work.  Happiness is a nebulous thing – but generally feeling financially secure and having enough time to have a moment’s peace are important.

Although I’ve been committed to my current career path for a while now, I do have lots of thoughts of tossing it all away to be a housewife.  No matter how much I like science, I enjoy working from home most of all – and being able to be in my space, cooking etc.  A recent encounter with a woman my age who works 9-5 reminded me just how unsuited I am (and I think many are) at being away from home all day long.


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thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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