Pi’s journey

Grr.. WordPress just deleted this post.  Sorry, readers, if this second version is not as clear.

The summary version: I love my dog, the sky is beautiful, going home for Christmas is going to be difficult because of my very very pregnant sister with her new home and new car.

Finding a purpose in life that isn’t having a baby is a daunting challenge.  Pi in the Life of Pi says that “taking care of the Tiger gave my life meaning and kept me going”.  I need a tiger right about now.  I want to take care of someone or something.  My dog is a good start.

In all the pink and orange and waves of blue that was the night sky, a vision of my purpose came to me.  I believe many others have had this vision, but mine was that I would like to be a spiritual teacher.  The Dalai lama says that when you wake up, remember that you are there to improve yourself, so that you may then open your heart to the world.  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has said similar.

Recently, I’ve been down thinking that there was no point in learning any more because it was bound to die with me – just memorized facts that are generally useless.

Feeling useful in my spirituality and closeness to the divine is a lifelong goal that may be able to stand the passing of time.



About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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