Dreaming in my late 20s

I just found this entry into my diary from Oct 2008.  What is most fascinating to me is the lack of any mention of having babies.  I really *have* been working to accomplish these goals.  Perhaps I need a new dream list for the new Obama years.

1. I dream that Barack Obama will be president
2. I dream of a man who wants to spend the whole first year in bed, dreaming, traveling and eating good foods at small cafes.
3. I dream of taking care of children and stray dogs that were abandoned by their mothers and need some refuge.
4. I dream of being a leader and speaking only of kindness. I am strong and even-keeled, because I know I have something safe to come back to.
5. I dream of being a professor at a small college who has a small research budget and a couple of undergrads.  The campus is quiet with a nice library.
6.  I dream of having beehives in my backyard.
7.  I dream of visiting Poland and my relatives, and spending time at an ashram while learning Polish.
8.  I dream of doing Peace Corps for two years with my dog and my husband, and living in a place that is nearly 2 hours from … anything.  I will speak some exotic language fluently.

About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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