Dating Times

The relationship saga continues.  Another installment:

Mr. Faraway:  I had the phone in my hand for a long time.  I had texted and then scratched out many different ways of saying “I can’t do this anymore.” I could no longer let his silences ruin my day, his far-ness (both physically and emotionally) hurt me.  In the end, I chose to ask to call.  It was late.  But he answered, and Mr. Faraway was warm and loving and beautiful.  He said that he had been distant because he felt abandoned.  It’s true, I never lie – and had told him about a dinner with Mr. Viking a ways back.  After an hour of conversation, all I wanted was to be with him.  And we were back to some good place.

Mr. Viking:  On the other hand – what is it about a guy, who has known you for so little time proclaiming his deepest love for you, that is so off-putting? Do I really need some sort of chase?  I politely ended the whole thing with Mr. Viking at least 2-3 weeks ago, and last night he (rather stalker-like) drove by (from 30 minutes away) to drop off an orchid.  This is the 2nd plant he’s bought me, along with a book sent by mail.  All the attention just creeps me out entirely.  I am really just loyal to my relationship.

Mr. Faraway, post lovely phone call: Sigh.  I just want to feel loved.  He likes my attention, obviously was a bit jealous about losing me, but just can’t seem to put it all on the table.  This  is okay for a little bit, but after 5 months apart (!!!!) I am starting to crack.  I want to see him next week, but logistically it is a nightmare, and he isn’t screaming “Come!”.  Maybe I shouldn’t wait for the scream.


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thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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