The best and worst

From a Facebook thread (a friend who leads a very different life than my own):  What is the best and worse thing you’ve simultaneously had to do?

Woman #1:  Walking away from my job VERY close to being tenured that would grant my children a full ride to the MAJOR University I worked at to move to Hawaii and become a stay at home mom.

Woman #2:   Leaving my dream job, apartment, friends, life living in Brooklyn to move back to buffalo (really?!!) right before I had baby so she could have a better life

Woman #3:  quitting my job and selling my condo to move across the country for a guy a barely knew (and married)!

This was not a random sample of the comments, but what they were all like.  Do all women have to give up *everything* in order to get married and have kids?  I too have considered giving up tenure, move across the country to a not-very-nice place…


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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