Annals of dating

A real life dating adventure.

I have told Mr. Viking that I am seeing someone who I love, but that this relationship is supposed to be open.  I have asked for space, while I try to figure out what Mr. Faraway means.  I have a plane ticket to see Mr. Faraway soon enough, and nothing is resolved yet.  My date said he understood and would give me space, then the next morning at 6am, a text:

I’ll be at *blank* restaurant at 6pm tonight.  I’ll be wearing nice clothes.  Please meet me there.

I politely declined after a couple of hours.  This is all normal, I think.  What is not normal is that he *still* went to dinner at 6pm by himself?!  Followed by:

I had the shrimp korma.  It was good.  You were missed.

Sigh.  Feast or famine.


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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