Enter stage right: The Viking

First and foremost – I am still talking to Mr. Faraway.  We still have hopes and dreams for the future.  He still tells me “Sweetheart, things will be better someday”.  He has avoided the L word, but it is always on the tips of both our tongues.  We still have amazing, breath-taking, ridiculous when you think about it, phone, Skype, text sex.  I am sending a package to him and his daughter for their birthdays.  I hear from him every day right now.  Sometimes he stands me up to be alone in his bedroom.  He has admitted that he is not with anyone.   The Open Relationship clause seems to be similar to a Clinton-era ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.  He still asks, I still sort of ask.  But we know better then to get into the details.

Mr. Mexican Soccer Player is still texting me, though.  Like all the time.  Like so much that I wish I could block him.  I asked that we just be friends, but that didn’t stop the texting barrage.  Most of the texts say “hola” or “que haces?”.  Really, the honest truth is that I would love to have real in-person sex with someone who isn’t going to demand anything.  Because Mr. Faraway is faraway, and my heart is faraway too.

So, in those moments of loneliness when Mr. Faraway isn’t answering fast enough, I met Mr. Viking.  He is tall. And most terribly has a name that is the same number of letters and starts with the same letter as Mr. Faraway.  (Very bad for the texting dictionary) *And* his last name ends with the same 4 letters.  For example, they could be John Strausburg and Jack Ehrenburg.

All in all, he seems poised and ready to be an island-version of the real man I love.  But this is terrible!  I can’t help but compare.  I am still in love (what a poison, this whole business can be)!  He is educated and has a not-so-nice laugh and likes to surf and meditate.  He didn’t know what a hibiscus was, which I find suspect, but, I wouldn’t say this is a dealbreaker.  And… get this… he is so smitten that he texts way too much.   Like just as much as Mr. Mexican soccer player.

I thought guys were the stand-off-ish ones?  I must be putting out girlfriend or wife vibes, because I have never caused this reaction before.  Or maybe all this love for Mr. Faraway has to go somewhere.


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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