Raining cats and dogs – and men from Mars

Oh my.  This weekend I had 5 different guys make some sort of move on me.  None of them were Mr. Faraway.  Mr. Faraway fell deep into his cave.  At least this is what Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus tells me.

The texts:

(we were vaguely discussing how hot I was in relation to his hot shower)

Him: How is your heart these days sweetheart?  Open to possibilities? We have not talked about this in a while.  (Interlude, suitor with hey what’s up text)

Me:  I’m ready to listen.  My heart!  I still love you.

Him: I feel the same, but the question remains. Talk this weekend?

Me: Go be free like the wind. I want you to be happy.

Him: Thanks!  It means a lot to me.

Okay – so… sigh.  Mr. Men are from Mars man says that men are like rubber bands.  When they need their space, they need their space.  It does not necessarily mean that they don’t love you.  Unfortunately I haven’t really built up enough trust in him to know what he wants here, if he will come back if I really let him go.  I did the only I could (given our history) and let him go – but it is really not easy.  It is especially not easy with some new suitors around!

I have no big picture, grand, feminist ideas about all of this.  I just want to figure out how to love this man from so far away.

Mr. Men are from Mars opens the book with a story about his wife being in terrible pain after giving birth and him not being there for her.  Here I tell you, oh blog readers, that this is a big part of why I didn’t settle in my 20s!  I’m terrified of all that, and that exact situation.   More on this someday when I have the guts to type it all out.


About tidewater

thirty-something, mostly single, finding a path.
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